Walk in the Sand Day


Celebrate with us by uniting in a global walk

March 23, 2024

Celebrate by talking a Walk in the Sand

Walk in the Sand day is observed on the Saturday after the March Equinox (start of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere).

March 23, 2024
March 22, 2025
March 21, 2026
March 20, 2027
March 25, 2028

How to Participate

This is a day to gather at the beaches around the world and take a walk in a global effort to raise awareness to the problems facing our beaches and the need to protect this beautiful natural land.

Get to the beach or shore where you can enjoy a walk in the sand. Start a movement in your city or coastal community to bring more awareness and to clean up your local beaches. Our goal is a global effort to bring awareness to the importance of protecting this natural treasure by uniting the world through a global walk on all of the worlds beaches. 

Join our Global Walk and Show Your Support of Our Beaches

Share your events with us so we can promote them on our website and through media spots. And on the day, share your images and videos on your social sites so everyone can see how beautiful and important our beaches are.

Why Walk in the Sand

Walking in the sand has many benefits including the relaxing ocean front experience where you can watch the waves, bird watch, look for sealife, find a pretty shell, and enjoy being in a natural environment. Part of Walk in the Sand day is to appreciate the beauty of the beaches that nature has provided us and to get involved in protecting and keeping the beaches and ocean clean.

Walking in the sand is great exercise and provides a walk that is like no other.

  • It takes more energy to walk in the dry sand areas and works more muscles in the legs and feet. You can walk slower and enjoy nature while getting a better workout, burn more calories and enjoy the experience much more.
  • If you prefer the harder sand near the water in a faster paced walk, the benefits compared to walking on pavement are less stress on your feet and joints as the sand offers more flexibility.
  • The feeling of walking in the sand provides a soothing and relaxing sensation and is healthy both mentally and physically.

Walking barefoot

Your feet contain nerves that connect and correspond to different parts of the body, according to reflexology. The foot has 42 muscles, 26 bones and 33 joints and deserves to be pampered. While we know how healthy walking is for our bodies, walking barefoot in the sand is also great for your feet. The sand massages your feet as you walk and provides a natural way for your feet to be massaged. This can improve blood circulation, stimulate the muscles in the feet, strengthen the feet and ankles, relive stress and help you to relax. It also connects you to nature which can relieve all kinds of stress and imbalance in your life. And there is nothing quite like the feeling of walking in the sand barefoot! But also note that walking barefoot in the sand can exaggerate or cause problems in the shins and tendons of the heel and feet so it is best to keep the barefoot walking in the dry sand areas to a shorter walk.

60 minute Walk on the Beach

Wear great waterproof walking shoes. Start your walk with 10 minutes in the dry sand, then move closer to the water, not in the water, just where the sand is firmer and pick up the pace for the next 30 minutes. Then take off your shoes and slow your pace to enjoy the feeling of the sand between your toes as you walk for the next 20 minutes. This isn’t for everyone, but for those who are near a clean, not too shelly or hazardous on the feet beach, who love to go barefoot and feel the sand therapy through their feet, this is a great experience. You can alternate between the dry sand and the shoreline where you can get your feet wet and feel the waves softening the sand beneath you.

Everyone should enjoy a walk in the sand!

We are uniting the world in a global effort to bring walkers and beach lovers from every beach around the world, to walk in the sand. Share your Walk in the Sand with us on social media or contact us for media coverage and details.


Walk in the Sand Day was founded by Patti Jewel to celebrate healthy activity of walking barefoot in the sand. As a beach advocate who goes to the beach for relaxation and healing, both mentally and physically, Patti conceived this day to share the experience and joy with the world back in 2012 and has now expanded it to a global effort to unite the world in an effort to appreciate and help save and protect our beautiful beaches.

Patti Jewel is a strong supporter of protecting the environment, preserving the beaches and sharing the beauty of this wondrous natural resource that mother nature has provided. As the founder of WalkintheSand.com and FloridaSmart.com, she has published content about Florida’s beaches for over 10 years and is an activist in beach preservation and wildlife. 


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