Walk in the Sand Destin Beach

4.5 Mile Walk

Destin Florida is known as the luckiest fishing capital in the world, but the beaches are what bring more people to the area. And if you are a beach lover like me, you need to be on the beach! 

Destin beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world and hiking the coast is spectacular. 

June White Decker Park Access

From this access point, you can choose to walk either east or west as the whole beachfront is pleasant to walk on. Kick off your shoes on the destin beaches and enjoy the luxurious soft sand!

Henderson Beach State Park

This one mile stretch of natural coastline with large dunes in the middle of Destin is the perfect spot for a hike on the beach. The dune area was once a road that was moved in order to allow for the shorelife and natural dunes in the area. 

Destin Beach Hike

Access the beach at the Shores at Crystal Beach and walk east. 

Walking along this path, you will pass the pilings of the old Crystal Beach Pier. 

There are many private beach communities along this path. You cannot access the beach from the street, but you can walk along the coastline across these communities. 

Along this walk, there is a large access point at James Lee Beach where The Crab Trap sits in the middle. It is a perfect spot to stop for a drink or snack.

We walked 2.5 miles to the Miramar Beach Access point where Pompano Joe’s sits along the beachside. 

Kick off your shoes

The sand is pure white and super soft, perfect for walking barefoot. 

Destin beaches are a perfect spot to sit after your hike and watch the gulls and terns. 

For more details about Destin Beach with things to do, where to eat and stay, see the Ultimate Guide to Destin Beaches.

My Daily Walk in the Sand Inspiration & Thoughts

Watching the power of the waves break on the shoreline brings a sense of humility as you realize just how vast and powerful the ocean is. With the gorgeous emerald waters of Navarre Beach, and the waves crashing on the shore at sunset, there is not a more beautiful place to be in the moment. 

~ Patti Jewel