Walk in the Sand Destin’s Jetty – Norriego Point

1 mile around the point

Norriego Point is a gorgeous beach area across from Destin’s Harborwalk that jets out into the harbor with Jetty rocks, beach, swimming, snorkeling and fishing areas.

The walk around the perimeter of Norriego Point is approximately 1 mile. 

Norriego Point is the most photographed place in Destin.

Norriego Point is the best spot to be at sunset in Destin

Just after the sun sets, Harborwalk brightens the area

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My Daily Walk in the Sand Inspiration & Thoughts

This spot is one of the most interesting beachfronts in the state surrounded by water and the boats that come and go from the fishing capital harbor. Across the harbor is harborwalk with lots of activites happening day and night. With the Jetty rocks, dunes, wildlife and soft beach sands, this is a place I will come back to. 

~ Patti Jewel