Walk in the Sand Navarre Beach

3 mile hike on west end
1 mile hike on east side of Pier

Navarre is a small town with a different kind of charm. The vibe here is all about being the most relaxing beach town. It truly is a place to go and unwind and relax! And if you love the soft white sands of panhandle, this beach is an amazing beach to go for a hike. 

This is a beach that offers a natural vacation get-away and perfect for singles, families and retirees. If you love the outdoors, love the beaches, and want to experience nature at it’s best, a visit to Navarre Beach needs to be on your bucket list!

Our first day on Navarre came with this beautiful rainbow. It was a cloudy day where we almost stayed in, but then when we got to the beach, the clouds were welcoming and this rainbow was the bonus.  

The west end of Navarre Beach

At the far west end of Navarre is the Gulf Islands National Seashore which is the other end of the Seashore from Pensacola Beach. Starting from this point, the hike is 3 miles to the Navarre Pier. 

Along the beachfront are cute beach homes and townhomes, condos and just a few hotels. This section of the beachfront is not as wide, but is a nice shoreline to walk and sit back and enjoy the beachfront. 

The Navarre Beach Pier

The Pier is a popular place to be for viewing the gorgeous green water and for fishing. With a wide open beach that is well maintained with pavilions and activities, the pier area is a perfect starting point to explore the area and hike the shoreline. 

Walking west extends 3 miles to the end of Navarre Beach along the homes & hotel stretch of the beach. 

Walking east from the pier is a gorgeous hike into the natural preserved shoreline. 

Navarre Beach Marine Park

The area on the east side of the Pier is Navarre Beach Marine Park where the Turtle Conservation center is located. Walking in the sand east from the Pier takes you into a natural protected area of Santa Rosa Island with the natural beauty of the coastline, with dunes, birds and wide open beachfront. 

There were more birds in this area on this day than any other beachfront along the panhandle. 

More blue herons, which is my favorite bird, and different types of gulls. Shelling was ok, but not as plentiful as Pensacola Beach. At least not on this day.

Navarre’s sand is just as soft and snowy white as the other Pensacola area beaches which is some of the most luxurious sand in the world. 

The pier is a popular spot for sunsets. We went to the west end and watched this beautiful sunset.

Cortney captured these amazing sunset shots while we enjoyed the beautiful waves and watched the sun set. 

For more details about Navarre Beach with things to do, where to eat and stay, see the Ultimate Guide to Navarre Beach.

My Daily Walk in the Sand Inspiration & Thoughts

Watching the power of the waves break on the shoreline brings a sense of humility as you realize just how vast and powerful the ocean is. With the gorgeous emerald waters of Navarre Beach, and the waves crashing on the shore at sunset, there is not a more beautiful place to be in the moment. 

~ Patti Jewel