Walk in the Sand at Pensacola Beach Pier

1 mile hike on the west side of the Pier

Pensacola Beach welcomes you with the iconic sign as you cross across the bridge from Gulf Breeze. The island doesn’t have any fast food and only convenience stores for groceries, so when staying on Pensacola Beach, you will cross the bridge for quick food and groceries.

As you come across the bridge, you are greeted with the iconic water tower. Though not used, the tower remains for it’s reputation of welcoming you into the beach town.

Pensacola Pier Park has everything any beachgoer could ask for. Every activity is available during the spring, summer and early fall seasons. 

This is the off-season winter months in Pensacola so it may look a bit empty, but during the spring and summer, this place is extremely active.

The white soft sand and wide beachfront area makes this beach one of the best in the world.

The crystal white sand and emerald waters with lots of room on the beach for activities, surf fishing, walking and shelling, are all part of the reason why once you’ve been here with your friends and family, you always come back.

The pier offers gorgeous views and fishing, though we were not able to access the pier this time due to damage from the recent hurricane.

It is always fun to explore the areas around any beach pier as that is where all of the activity happens in the beach town.

The Boardwalk

Across the street from the pier is the boardwalk which is the perfect place to hang out, eat, drink, shop, picnic, swim, play, and access the boating activities.

Pensacola has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for lots of activities, a safe family beach, fishing, boating or just playing or hanging out on the beach, this is the place to be.


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My Daily Walk in the Sand Inspiration & Thoughts

I personally love this off-season time of year to be here because I do not like large crowds and love a more secluded beachfront, but any other time of year, this beach is hopping. I do plan to come back to this beach in late summer to experience it fully.

If you do not like traveling because of crowds, look into the off-season in the places you want to go. The weather may not be as good, and some things might be seasonal, but it’s well worth it for those of us who prefer a quieter less crowded time.

While I don’t like crowds, I do like to meet people.  I love to learn more about local communities from locals. I love to help you expand your small business reach by giving you a shout out.  Get in touch and meet me for a walk on the beach.

~ Patti Jewel