Walk in the Sand in Perdido Key Florida starting at the Alabama border

6 mile hike in just under 3 hours

Perdido Key was a perfect starting point for our journey to walk a mile on every beach in Florida. We started at the Florida-Alabama border and headed east. This barrier island is a treasure with wide open beachfronts and the most gorgeous sand in the world that runs across this whole region of Florida.

We started our Walk at Flori-bama, a local favorite that sits at the border, and got a bite to eat before heading down the beach.

Flori-bama is popular for big local events in the area.

Interestingly, there is nothing on the beach side to show exactly where the border is. 

The line runs between Flori-bama and the building to the west. From the sign on the road, we estimated that the line was along the path you can see next to Flori-bama’s eating area in this picture. 

Walk in the Sand Journey Begins

As we started this walk, we didn’t know how far we’d go. It was a gorgeous day and the weather was a perfect 70 degrees without a cloud in the sky. So it was easy to keep going.

And we did. We ended up walking over 6 miles in under 3 hours.

The first 2 miles was along the commercialized coastal area with condos, hotels and beach houses.

Then we came to Perdido Key State Park, which was closed at the road access points, but was still accessible on the beach side.

We walked across the entire park back into commercialized area. The walk was perfect. A perfectly beautiful day without a cloud in the sky, but slightly cool in the air. Wide open beachfront with very few people. While there were shells to be found, there were not many. The beachline also had very few broken shells which is an indication that not as many shells are present in this area.

Monarch Butterflies are also common at seasonal migration times of the year.

Blue Herons, Gulls and Terns were common birds along the walk.

The sand was a luxuriously soft that was easy on the feet, though the walk was more of a challenge due to the soft sand. It felt like we were walking on a elliptical. Anyone looking to go hiking to get in better health, these soft sands are an excellent way to do that. 
One thing to note, there was nowhere along the path on the beachside for food and drinks after Flori-bama. The access point where we ended our walk had a few small local restaurants, but the choices were minimal.

See the Ultimate Guide to Perdido Key Beaches on Florida Smart.com for more about Perdido Key including places to stay, restaurants and more.

My Daily Walk in the Sand Inspiration & Thoughts

During COVID, just getting away from the closed in spaces of home and getting out into the open beachfront air, was awakening. Starting the journey in the panhandle of Florida during the winter months and during the biggest pandemic in our lifetimes, made me feel alive again. I don’t require a bunch of people to be around to make me feel alive, I just need to not be trapped.

This journey is both a personal journey combined with a professional one. As a single mother for 25 years, I carried the weight and responsibility of 4 other humans with a constant struggle to keep up with paying for 4 children, keeping them healthy and happy. I had to do it alone and that was hard with 4 kids. Never having a break. Never having a weekend off. Never having time to myself. As a parent, you are somewhat trapped with your responsibilities. I didn’t have the freedom to just go and do. But the best moments of my life were during these years with my kids and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Now that they are grown and I am on this journey, it is the first time I have felt free in a very long time. And this journey is the start of re-discovering myself, who I am as a person and not just a mom. My businesses always came second to my kids. My life always came second to my kids. And while my kids will always be my #1’s, this journey is a chance for me to be me. A chance for me to put my passions first. A chance to see what I can do when I am on my own. 

I love creating websites and online content, I love helping businesses online, and I love to explore and discover new places and make new friends. So here I am, on this journey, doing everything I love.

This first walk freed my spirit and my mind and I am excited to continue.

I’d love to connect with local business owners in Florida, entrepreneurs, people in the beach communities across Florida and other moms with grown kids!

Connect with me and meet me at the beach!

~ Patti Jewel