The Journey to Walk in the Sand on every beach in the world begins in Florida. The journey will begin at the most northwestern beach in Florida at Perdido Key where Florida borders Alabama in the beautiful Emerald Coast. We’ll be walking east across the panhandle living and immersing ourselves in the communities and cultures along the way. 

On this journey, we will be exploring everything from the beach sand, water and waves, wildlife, towns and locals. We’ll be sharing insight from the locals, vacation tips and environmental and pollution concerns to raise awareness for supporting protection and beach health.

We are excited to meet the people and share what makes each square footage of the Florida Beaches so special. Our team will share tips from the locals, tips from visitors and our own tips as we stay and get to know each beach town. And as beach advocates, we will be sharing our assessments of the beach sand, the beach front, the water, the wildlife and the quality of the cities efforts to protect and keep the beaches clean and beautiful.

Who are we? We are a mom/daughter team, owners of with our team of writers and digital marketers who have a passion for Florida and everything in it and care about providing quality media content. This is a project we have been wanting to do for a long time and we feel that now is the perfect time to bring some positivity and unity to Florida and Floridians. 

Join us on our Journey to walk across every inch of Florida Beaches in our effort to bring awareness to the beauty of Florida both in the nature and the people who live here.

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